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Have you ever lost all traffic hardly dragged onto your URL just because your hosting server has suddenly changed their mind and plans, letting you down?

Or  else, have you ever lost contact with people to whom you failed in noticing them about your new e-mail address, messenger or skype name?.. And latter on, when you needed to contact them you found that they have also changed their e-mail address?


The fact is that if you don’t divulge it on the internet, nobody will be able to reconnect to your new URL or  e-mail address. The exclusive aim of this website is divulging this update.


This is a scouting tool available to any one interested in rescuing those lost contact or public traffic, whilst in the other hand making possible to anyone finding you  again. This tool does not aim to be perfect even though it can be very helpful. Nor can it guarantee success in all cases, mainly because the output depends mostly on the own users’ interaction and on the lasting residual data on the web.

This service is straightforward and it is offered to be freely (*) used by any person.

It is very likely you arrived here due to a search looking for clues on an outdated URL or e-mail address. If this was the case, the only reason of your success is that the bearer of  such address provided us with the updated information, in order to enable us to index it and spread it around  the main search engines on the global network.

This is the way this stuff works: finding information is just a matter of using any search engine. If this information is indexed here it will show up on most search engines, whilst to make yourself found all you need is to tell us about your outdated URL or e-mail address  plus the current, updated, information in order to publish it for those interested. Otherwise nobody will guess how to get in touch again with you or your website.


And this is all.  There is no need to be a registered user, nor leave your personal details or anything else. Furthermore, this service is free (we are supported only by voluntary donations and advertising).

We wish and hope you are successful in getting what you are looking for.


Rescue your dead domains and emails
Bringing back to life your expired domain names and lost emails
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